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  Control Systems
Imagine the freedom and confidence in knowing that any user can walk in to any classroom, boardroom or auditorium and operate the equipment first time and every time.

This is the world of CommBox Control Panels. The CommBox range represents the worlds most powerful and colourful Control Panels, designed with an emphasis on being simple to use, customise, program and install.

Why do you need a Control System?

1. Save Time

The CommBox Joey Control Systems save time. The Joey systems provide one touch control of all audiovisual and room equipment in the classroom (projector, interactive whiteboard, dvd player, audio amplifier etc). This means that anyone can walk in the room and use the equipment first time, every time, with absolutely no training, instruction sheets or user manuals.

2. Save Money

The CommBox Joey Control Systems are smart enough to know when a room is empty. If a room is empty, the Joey System will initiate an automatic shutdown. This has the benefit of saving expensive items such as projector lamps. The Joey systems provide a 'Return on Investment'. You only need to save one projector lamp and the system has paid for itself.

3. Save Time & Money

The CommBox Joey Control Systems are wall mount systems. This means that teachers and users no longer waste time looking for or paying for lost remote controls.

CommBox Control Panels

All CommBox Control panels come with their own built in processing power making them extremely cost effective.
Hard Button Panel
Joey Micro 6 Button
Joey Micro 9 Button
Joey Lite

LCD Panel
Joey 4”
Joey 6”
Da Vinci 10”
Da Vinci 15”

Wireless LCD Panel
Joey Wireless.

CommBox Control Panel
Joey Micro Joey Lite Joey 6" LCD Panel
Joey Micro Joey Lite Joey 6" LCD
Joey Wireless Da Vinci 10" Da Vinci 15"
Joey Wireless Da Vinci 10" Da Vinci 15"

Commbox Processors

CommBox Processors are only required for specific applications.

The CommBox Classic and Smart Room Controllers include amplifiers and therefore there is no need to purchase additional amplification products.

CommBox Classic CommBox Classic Lite
CommBox Classic CommBox Classic Lite
CommBox Micro Smartroom Controller
CommBox Micro Smartroom Controller

CommBox Relay Units & Switchers

CommBox Control Systems can control electrical equipment such as lights either on / off or dimming.

They are also able to control motorised / electric screens and anything else that uses contact closure.

CommBox supplies switching devices to enable users to switch between audio and video sources with the touch of a button.

Peripheral Interface Unit IR Relay Box
peripheral interface unit IR relay box
Multimedia Port Modular Switcher
multimedia port modular switcher

CommBox Accessories

Commbox supplies a vast range of accessories:
• USB / Network Port
• IR Emitters for controlling infra red products like DVD players
• RGBHV via CAT 5—to send Computer Signal over CAT 5 saving on cabling costs.

USB Network Port IR Emitter
USB / network port IR emitter
RGBHV via CAT 5 Cable  
RGBHV via Cat 5 CommBox logo

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